Lease Renewal Management

Get more instead of settling for less
“MCG Commercial showed us options to stay in our existing location and significantly improve our terms. With their help, our rate was lowered by nearly 17% and we received a significant tenant improvement allowance that we didn’t realize possible. During the process, we never felt pressured to “make a decision” and we always knew only our interests were being considered.”
Tina L. & Steven D.

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Get more instead of settling for less

Lease renewal can be a tricky process fraught with nuances, miscues and pitfalls. Hoping that tenants sign on for another term without fully understanding all of their options, unethical landlords may wait until the last month of a lease term before discussing renewal options. This unfortunate practice invariably leads to tenants settling for less than favorable terms for a property that doesn’t fit their needs.

As a brokerage that specializes in lease renewals, MCG focuses on giving tenant clients every advantage and opportunity. Often, our experienced brokers begin the renewal process 12 – 24 months before a lease expires, buying clients extra time to make informed, unpressured strategic decisions.

Key Questions to Navigate Next Steps

Necessity: Is a move really necessary? Or would restructuring your existing lease prior to expiration be a better option?

Timing: Is there an existing lease expiring that may adversely affect your return?

Current & Future Staffing: Where does your workforce live? Where will future staffers come from?

Space-use Efficiency: What is the optimal space plan for maximizing your current and projected workflow?

Strategic Location: Is there a locality that will help increase company productivity or put you closer to key partners or suppliers?

3-5 Year Growth Plan: How does your company’s expected growth affect future facility requirements?

Downsizing: Is it more prudent to scale back and remain at your current location?

Succession Planning: How will unexpected growth impact your space requirements?

Disposition of Space: If an exit strategy is needed, do you have one in place?

The MCG Advantage

Exclusive Representation – committed, transparent, conflict-free. At MCG, your interests are our only interests. Our tenant/buyer focus removes any conflict of interest with an existing landlord.

Complete Property Listings – a 360-degree view. We use a proprietary database and subscriptions to all major listing services to give you access to every available property. You see what we see, with every option on the table.

Creative Solutions – your deal, structured your way. Creative deal structuring that maximizes client returns is a hallmark of MCG Commercial. Considering a lease with the option to buy? Is an early lease termination important? Want the right of first refusal on neighboring space? Expansion options? We’ve done them all and will fight hard to secure for you the most favorable and appropriate terms.

Finance, Construction, Legal & Professional Services – tap our trusted network. Years of experience and a reputation for integrity and transparency have helped us forge strong, long-term relationships with Orange County’s most reputable real-estate professionals–including attorneys, CPAs and financiers, general contractors and other property specialists.

Beyond the Transaction – seeking partners, not just projects. MCG Commercial is in it for the long haul. By delivering on promises, adding value at every turn, and getting the results you want, our goal is to develop and nurture lifelong client relationships.

No Obligation Consultation or Needs Assessment
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