Flex Property: Unique Ownership Opportunity with Long-term Payback Potential.

Flex buildings are generally classified as light industrial structures, and often referred to as ‘mid-tech’ properties. More than 50% of the space in an R&D building is attributed to general office or laboratory area.

The ABC’s of R & D

R&D properties or flex space can range from small, 2,000 square foot, multi-tenant suites, to huge, campus-like compounds built to accommodate the expansive and complex activities of large, publicly traded organizations.

R&D building occupants can range from medical device manufacturers and software developers to architects, drug companies, semiconductor or microchip fabricators. The total base R&D inventory in Orange County today is approximately 69 million square feet.

How Owner/Users Can Benefit

Though mostly leased in decades past, R&D properties have more recently given smaller companies a unique investment opportunity: a chance to own the building they use for their business.

Today, ‘owner/users’ are able to buy and occupy commercial buildings of almost any size, including smaller sized condos, which typically start around 2,500 square feet. Purchasing a building instead of leasing provides owner/users many advantages, including a proven, practical way to:

  • Build Equity – Gain appreciation in value that’s not possible with leasing
  • Reduce Operating Costs – Interest rates are at or near historic lows, which can mean lower costs associated with buying and running an owner/user property
  • Minimal Initial Investment – SBA lending/financing available with down payments as low as 10%
  • Pay Down Mortgage – Reduce your loan balance with every monthly payment
  • Improve Forecasting – Protect against the economic impact of annual rent increases
  • Lower Tax Burden – Additional tax benefits and depreciation deductions
  • Create Leverage – Use your property’s equity to help finance business machinery or equipment
  • Stimulate Cash Flow – Create additional monthly revenue to aid in retirement planning

No Obligation Consultation or Needs Assessment
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