Owner/User Representation – profitable strategies for managing growth and change
As your business changes, so too will your facility requirements. Because we represent both owners and occupiers of commercial real estate, MCG Commercial is particularly experienced in the leasing and disposition of owner occupied property. Whether you’re growing into larger quarters or relocating to downsize, we can help you determine whether selling, leasing or subleasing is the most prudent and profitable strategy, through insightful questions that include:

  • What are your company’s strategic plans for the next three, five and seven years?
  • What is the current market for lease/sublease?
  • What is the estimated marketing period to find a quality replacement tenant or buyer?
  • Is the market favoring buyers or sellers?
  • Are there any tax implications to a property sale?
  • Does your loan contain any pre-payment penalties?

“Our building wasn’t providing us the utility we once anticipated. MCG Commercial proposed and executed a solution that involved leasing out our building and relocating our business to a more appropriately sized facility– allowing us to immediately reduce our costs, retain our building, and provide us various options for the future.”
(Sara M. – Building Owner)

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No two commercial property sales are ever exactly alike. Consulting with an experienced, reputable market expert is the first crucial step in minimizing your exposure and maximizing your returns.

Regardless of transaction size, value or property type, MCG Commercial’s client-service goals remain the same:

  • Saving You Time – Providing critical insights and data support that help you make prudent, well-informed real estate decisions.
  • Optimizing Your ROI – Reducing your overall costs and negotiating contracts that preserve capital and protect your investment.
  • Reducing Short and Long-term Risk – Applying proven expertise and in-depth analysis that enable you to avoid pitfalls and problems unique to commercial transactions.

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