Buyer Representation & Property Acquisition – own your building, cut your costs, control your future
The term “Owner/User” describes commercial property buyers who reside in the same building that houses their business or company. Owner/User requirements differ greatly from those who buy real estate solely as an investment. MCG Commercial’s acquisition specialists help Owner/User buyers identify and evaluate properties offering the highest levels of functionality, comfort and potential returns. We also advise Owner/User clients on how to enhance output and productivity—including the planning of space-use efficiency and workflow.

“Transitioning facilities is never an easy task, MCG was invaluable in identifying the ideal property to purchase for our business—during the transition, they even helped us negotiate with our existing landlord prior to moving into our new facility.” (Kang L. – Media Products Manufacturer)

In addition to the vast the benefits of simply owning commercial real estate, owner/users have the potential for even more significant returns:

  • Build Equity – Gain appreciation in value that’s not possible with leasing
  • Reduce Operating Costs – Interest rates are at or near historic lows, which can mean lower costs associated with buying and running an owner/user property
  • Lessen Initial Investment – SBA lending/financing available with down payments as low as 10%
  • Pay Down Mortgage – Reduce your loan balance with every monthly payment
  • Improve Forecasting – Protect against the economic impact of annual rent increases
  • Lower Tax Burden – Additional tax benefits and depreciation deductions
  • Create Leverage – Use your property’s equity to help finance business machinery or equipment
  • Stimulate Cash Flow – Create additional monthly revenue to aid in retirement planning

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